Art Programme

At Coppa Club, we believe in the importance of supporting our local community through collaborating with local suppliers at each of our clubs. Our art programme features contemporary works from a diverse range of UK artists that reside close by our clubs, all specially curated by Friday Trampoline.

The original prints and photographic works on show represent some incredibly innovative and creative talent. The range are great additions or starter artworks to personal collections.

Through our art programme, we are able to showcase regional artists and celebrate their talents to their local audiences. As part of this celebration of local artistic talent, artists will be visible on site via talks, events and workshops where anyone and everyone can get involved.

Friday Trampoline’s intention is to share the experience of being in an artist’s studio, giving our guests an insight into their practice and a chance to meet artists and talk about their work.


The works in our Tower Bridge location feature a number of digital and print artists that are local to London. See below the detail of the artists and their work.

Dillwyn Smith

Dillwyn Smith (born 1958, London) studied at the Royal College of Art and has been a Visiting Artist/Lecturer at the National Gallery in London from 2000-2018. He has been exhibited widely throughout Europe, the Middle East and USA as well as numerous solo exhibitions in Britain. Most recently, Smith has completed the Abbey Awards at the British School in Rome.

Dillwyn’s work is unique in that they capture a moment in time, space and light and are reflective of watercolour books Smith has been making over the last few years. Inspired by a visit to Skellig Michael off the west coast of Ireland, this ongoing body of work is titled Desire for Hermitage.

These prints capture the luminescent, warping pages of the books, made from folded, hand-made papers. Smith’s work is simple and elegant, putting attention on the colour pallete and materiality.

Smith also has a large scale work showing in this years Summer show at the RA.

“I realised when looking at the books that the slightest movement showed different mixes of colour and created phosphorescences between the pages that can only be seen at that moment in time by me. I thought it could be cool to use the camera (a light capturing device) to capture this particular moment, that it may be interesting, it has proven to be so.

I am pleased to be included in the Coppa Club art programme curated by Friday Trampoline and excited for our collaboration together. The prints hang with beautiful natural light in the Tower Bridge lounge and restaurant, and I hope they will speak to those who see them.”

Kate Gibb and William Luz

‘Touching Elbows’ is a collaboration between artists and educators Kate Gibb and William Luz. It is a project focused on the trading of ideas, forms, colours, patterns, thoughts and the intermingling of practises built on mutual respect and admiration, as well as friendship.

The silkscreen prints shown are created collaboratively, developed via a hand printed layering process, that creates artworks full of texture, depth and vibrant colour. Kate is a silkscreen obsessive, inspired by processes that utilise chance, hiccups and happy accidents. She is open to exploration and manipulating the results of creating in this playful, freeform way.

William has a background in graphic design & illustration. However, his current works are developing from a daily drawing practice, leading him into painting as well as more sculptural works.

Katrina Russell Adams

Katrina is a south east London based printmaker and visual artist, who’s practice is deeply informed by the joyful clash of diversity, shapes, people and places in her surroundings. Having graduated with a degree in Behavioural Sciences and with a successful career in social housing under her belt, Katrina took a break to bring up her three children. Katrina then came to a career in the visual arts following an adult learning course in printmaking in 2014.

Over the past few years, Katrina has seen her playful, bold work emerge in collaboration with other local artists onto both the streets and galleries of her native Peckham. Her work has flourished further afield too, with public and private commissions in her dynamic prints, murals and sculpture.

Her work continues to evolve; inspired by the history, architecture, colour and cultures of her surroundings – bold and seemingly simple shapes are used to create images and moving sculpture that draw viewers into their own journey of discovery. She is passionate about community initiatives and public accessibility to the arts.

River, Green and Reservoir were abstracted from a mural design for an area in South East London. The river, green and reservoir are key to the heritage and history of the village; each represented by shapes in the completed mural. The Remnants and Offcuts series are prints based on a sculpture triplicate exhibited in Spring 2019.
The prints take the bold colourful shapes of the sculptures and have transformed them into a different art form with translucent layers of ink giving the impression of depth.

“I’m delighted to have been given the opportunity to be part of Friday Trampoline’s project with Coppa Club. The ethos of Friday Trampoline; to provide a platform for artists at the start or midway through their careers is a refreshing forward thinking approach.

Working with Charlie, Katya and Ali provides me with a new experience and allows a wider audience to engage with my artwork and practice.”

To make an enquiry on any of the artwork on display at Tower Bridge please email