New Year Yoga & Intention Setting Half Day Retreat

9:30am Sunday 28.01.24

Join us in the serene and nurturing riverside space at The Swan at Streatley. This purposeful Yoga and Journalling workshop encourages you to connect with your inner self and cultivate a deeper understanding of your desires for the year ahead. The overarching goal is to empower you to set meaningful intentions that align with your values and promote personal growth and fulfilment.

The workshop will begin with a guided meditation and breathing exercise to promote relaxation, allowing you to quiet your mind and be fully present in the moment. This initial practice helps create a conducive atmosphere for introspection and self-reflection.

We will then flow into our invigorating yoga practice; connecting mind and body through gentle movement, gradually increasing in intensity. All levels are catered for, with no pressure to move to more advanced yoga positions if that’s not yet in your practice.

Following this, we will introduce the concept of intention setting and guide you through this process. Through guided journaling prompts, you will be encouraged to delve into your thoughts, enabling you to gain clarity on what you truly want to manifest in the year ahead. Journalling allows you to document your insights and reflections, serving as a tangible reminder and a roadmap for future growth. We encourage you to bring along a notebook and pen for this part of the workshop.

It is our intention that you will leave with a renewed sense of purpose having had time to reflect and release, to rest and reset, and plant the seeds of new habits for the year ahead.

In this workshop we will incorporate:

• Quiet reflection

• A fun and creative yoga flow

• Pranayama (breathing practice) and meditation

• Journalling & intention setting

• A nutritious Coppa Brunch

This workshop is run by Grace & Gravity, our in house Yoga partners and your teacher for the session will be Yasmin, Owner & Founder.

Please email us on booking to alert us to any food allergies, thank you.

This workshop is the ideal gift for the yogi in your life, why not not book a room for a real treat and make use of our gym, sauna & steam room during your stay.